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Hi, ________ !

Have you dreamed of having your own personal candle? Or do you want to get a personalized candle for a loved one? We offer personalization for our signature candle collection.

We can add your name in our signature font, along with a few words of affirmation. We can also include an affirmation card, where you can include a short sweet message.

HOW TO PERSONALIZE YOUR CANDLE: When you are ordering your candle, be sure to select personalization. There will be different options available. Once you select your option, you will be able to leave a message with your order (when you go to your cart/checkout, you will be able to click personalization). Be sure to write everything you want included on your candle, and/or affirmation card. Please note that all personalized orders have a longer processing time. Please see our processing times on our Store Policies page.